Sunday, November 15, 2009

Feeling Thankful after my RAI Treatment

It is amazing how the hard times make such a good back drop so that the special things really stand out. Any other time they might be over looked in the busyness of life, but the during these times they are precious. Tonight I was just overwhelmed with how many memories I have been able to store in my heart. Such expressions of love and friendship make me feel so blessed. How inanimate objects become attached to a name and at the mere thought they bring a whole scene of events to my mind. I love rum cake, sea glass in cool bottles, biscotti, applesauce and sour candies, laptop computers, apple butter, little girl hugs and kids in halloween costumes, crockpot dinners and talking on skype. My friends have prayed for me, cleaned for me, garden and raked for me, cooked, shopped and fed my soul, sat with me, stayed with me, moved us twice, bathed my dog, laughed and cried with me and that is only just the beginning.

I have just gotten out of my 2 week confinement time after my thyroid treatment and then we had a bad storm which knocked our power out for 2 days. Without electricity it makes for a very quiet and dark world, which leaves more time to reflect and just be so thankful for the basic things in life. I couldn't even see how dirty my floor had become after tracking in so many leaves! It took a while to get ready in the morning but not to look beautiful. We had to heat the water on our grill so we could take a warm bath. It was fun. It is even more fun to start a normal work week and clean my house and move about in this world without restriction. I think I will hug people more often!

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  1. sooo happy you're back!! I was delighted to see you and be able to hug you yesterday!! (plus I know the kids were ecstatic to see their 'candy lady' again!!) :)