Saturday, January 8, 2011

I am a Grandma!

Well, I mean, we knew Sarah was going to eventually have a baby, but it just seemed surreal to me. Of course, I am not the one walking (or waddling) around with a large baby in my belly. 
On Sunday morning Josh text me to pray for Sarah because she was not feeling well. She had been sick the week before her due date. We asked him if this was code for 'Sarah is in labor' and he just laughed it off. So I BELIEVED him! and went to church telling everyone to pray for Sarah because she was still sick. Dave did not believe Josh was telling the whole story. I truly did not have any idea that Sarah's labor was progressing. If I had a clue, I would not have had my phone on vibrate! or left dishes in the sink, or food still out after lunch! I was clueless! Finally, Josh calls me and asks why I haven't been responding to his text messages! Sarah was at the end of her labor and we should come to the hospital. I scooped all lunch fixings in the roasting pan and put it in the frig without a lid. No time to waste!! All us grandparents arrived at the hospital at the same time. We hurried to wait! 

Poor Sarah had to push for 2 hours!! It was a rough delivery, but we finally got the message.

"born, beautiful"
At 4:25pm on Sunday, December 19, Micah David was born

He was beautiful and perfect and I was smitten. 
Micah David I love you....

 We got to see him for 5 minutes then it was time for us to go to evening church for our Christmas program. It felt horrible to have to leave. It seemed unethical!! (Dave assured me that this was not a good use of this word.) 
Josh and Sarah were adorable. (Remember they are my two biggest babies)

After church our family went to the hospital to celebrate this auspicious occasion.



  1. Love your post!! He is such and sweet baby and you are a wonderful Grandma. I love that we live close and can see him grow.

  2. What an adorable baby and how nice it is that you live close to them. I can't wait to visit and meet him.