Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

We had a wonderful time at our church's Valentine Banquet. Everyone worked so hard! I will post all the pictures on the AHBC facebook page so you can see all the Loves that attended.
I just thought you might like to see our contestants in our fashion show.
Can you guess who won the Mr. Valentine title?

And I thought I might as well name one of my favorites that coincides with this holiday. 
Ok, I am sure this isn't hard to guess right? 
                                      since it is Valentines day and all.....
Of course it is my Dave!!!! 

And then I can't forget the newest member of our family! Micah! 
Can't get enough of that little guy. I hope my kids have more babies right away or Micah might be loved to death by his grandmas!!

ok, ok enough of the sentiment.

One of my Fav things is: CHOCOLATE!

I love chocolate!!!!

I can feel good about eating chocolate,  because you know 'they' say it is good for you! It is rich in antioxidants you know! The USDA published a chart of antioxidant foods measured in ORACs (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity Units). For every 100 grams, dark chocolate has 13,120 ORACs, and blueberries have only 2,400.Wow! Doesn't that make you feel better?

Chocolate can take a ho-hum day and make it feel like a party in your mouth! 

I love love....      
   Chocolate covered strawberries....

Chocolate Lava Cake......
Chocolate Ice Cream
(preferable with a lot of nuts and stuff in it)

Mostly I love milk chocolate, but I now have a new love for dark chocolate since I have tried 

Lindt's Dark Chocolate Truffles
They truly just melt in your mouth. Delicious!

And yesterday Kathy Daniels gave me some 

Flourless Chocolate Cake
It might not look like much, but it is like a truffle in a cake. 
It just melts in your mouth. 
I am definitely going to get the recipe for this one.
Thanks Kat you are always looking out for me!

So what is your favorite chocolate thing?


  1. Micah has an interesting expression in that picture! LOL.

    My favorite chocolate item would have to be Peppermint Patties or anything Godiva!

  2. Cook's Illustrated's Chewy Chocolate Cookies make me happy! Heath bars are pretty tasty, too!

  3. Glad you like it, Tree! I'll bring the recipe on Wed. :)

  4. My favorite chocolate thing is the Bombe at our favorite restaurant The Street Cook. It has a brownie on the bottom, chocolate mousse in the middle and is totally encased in chocolate with a wonderful cream drizzled on and around it. If you want one you have to reserve it-and they are only available on Friday and Saturday nights. It has won several awards!

  5. Angela it sounds wonderful. Where is the Street Cook? Chelle, i love Jr Mints! and Gina, cookies are always good. maybe we could have some of your cookies and tea some afternoon!

  6. 1) Dark chocolate Lindt is THE BEST
    2) Do you know where she got the flourless chocolate cake recipe? I miss cake. ;-)