Thursday, February 24, 2011

Micah's Dedication video

Josh and Dave were ending their regular Thursday meeting, and as Dave was getting ready to leave, Sarah came in and asked Josh, "Did you tell your dad about...?" as she gave him that raised eyebrow look.

Josh was not following her train of thought and just stood there for a moment with a puzzled look.

Then Sarah said with a mischievous smile, "You know... about making our baby... a Christian?"

Josh laughed and said, "Oh yeah, we were wondering if we could do a baby dedication this Sunday."

Then Sarah said, "we are hoping Micah's attitude will improve after this!" (Sarah was being very funny. She knows very well that baby dedications don't do these things. We just love that girl and her clever sense of humor!)

So this past Sunday, Josh and Sarah had baby Micah dedicated during the morning service. It brings such joy to my heart to witness my own children desiring God's will in their lives and in Micah's life. Of course, we don't think this will make the child a Christian, but baby dedications are beautiful statements that parents make to the world, and beautiful appeals that they make to God for their children. 

While Josh and Sarah were declaring their loyalty to the Lord Jesus in how they would bring up their son, they were also asking God for his kind care of Micah. It all reminds us of how parents once brought their children to Jesus so He might lay His hands on them and bless them.
We know that the children of Christian parents (and grandparents!) have an enemy that will hurt them if he can. Our adversary Satan is like a lion who sneaks around, seeking to destroy. Some parents never think to pray against this threat. But we believe these prayers--all prayers--really matter. And there were hundreds of people that joined in that prayer with Josh and Sarah at the dedication service.

Ultimately, God alone can provide a job for Josh so he can provide for his family. And God alone can keep Micah from sickness and accidents. And God alone can preserve Sarah's life and give her insight about Micah's needs. Maybe when parents openly display this kind of humble reliance on God, they are rewarded with His supernatural help at various times along the way.

Every baby dedication is so sweet to watch. But this one gripped my heart even more, because of the faces attached to the event, and I don't think I'll ever forget it.


  1. This post made me happy-teary!

  2. Also who could forget all of the cameras that flooded the front row as soon as the dedication began! haha! Micah is definitely NOT short on love! (especially when it comes to his auntie)

  3. :D yayayayayay!!! Sarah's face was priceless. She was tearing up, which made me tear up... which made me smile all the bigger. I'm so glad Micah is here and part of our ever-growing family :)

  4. Awww! So sweet! But then, I always got teary-eyed at baby dedications at AHBC. I miss you guys!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing the video. I never get to see the dedications anymore... I miss them.
    What a special day.