Saturday, February 12, 2011

Surprise Birthday for My Mom!

Remember the Flying the Friendly Sky's post? 
Well, I was flying to Arizona 
(view from my mom's patio)
for my Mom's birthday.

It was a surprise party for her. I have never lied so much in my life!! The story just got bigger and bigger with more details. I was a little afraid she was going to be disappointed in the real plans! We were just having hot dogs and hamburgers!

(my brothers- Bryan and Brad and sister-in-law Kelly)

 I almost blew it when she asked me directly, "Why would Bob come up here for one day? Are you planning something for Saturday night?" It is hard to lie to your mom when she is looking  right into your eyes and trying to peer into your soul! I wanted to laugh, but I kept a straight face and avoided answering the question directly. Now that is something to be proud of - a pastor's wife with great lying skills!

She was surprised though, and we had a wonderful party at my sister's house!
Me, Mom (Priscilla) and Tia
Uncle PG and Aunt Jean
Bryan, Brad and Uncle PB (Steve)

Brad and Kelly
Tiffany and Bryan
Bob Overbaugh and Mom
Aunt Penny and cousin Tisha
My Uncle PB
Brandon & Tia and so many friends came
Brad and Kelly's son Reef
Lucus, Payton and Cole
Parker (left on fence)
Gunnar and Mamma
We LOVE you Mom!