Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weekly Projects: The Lawn

Spring has come and so has the yard work. First thing we had to do was buy a new lawn mower. Last year's mower literally fell apart. We hit one too many stumps and bent something. Every time I had to mow I got blisters from the violent vibration. It was a self propelled mower but toward the end it had the brakes on. I could hardly push it. Then pieces fell off and it became incredibly loud. Must of been the muffler, if mowers have mufflers. I should ask Dave.

But it wasn't the last time Dave used the mower! He managed to use it until the dead of winter. He didn't want to buy one until 2011 spring season. So happy day when we bought a new mower! I would have rather spent the money on new shoes or lawn chairs, but then again, I don't want to use scissors to cut the grass. A mower was a good purchase!

Our first project was to level the front lawn and add a flower bed. 
thanks JoAnn for the use of your tiller!
isn't he just the cutest!
There isn't a great before and after picture, because first it takes grass a long time to grow, and first, first I have to buy grass seed and plant it!
We need to spruce up a little bit! (ok, a lot)


  1. Nice work, it will be beautiful soon! Andy is doing some nice things at my house too, it is hard to wait for completion though. We now have a fish pond with a water fall but the grass is s-l-o-w coming in. It's good to enjoy the progress!

  2. Looking good! A good make-over is always a bit of the divine.

  3. Fun! It has been perfect weather for digging!