Saturday, May 28, 2011

Beating Back the Wild and Ugly

I have been working on our remodeling stuff. I don't seem to go near as fast as most people, and my house doesn't look like a magazine or fancy blog. I could blame it on a cheap camera, but no one would believe it! 

Life keeps going by at a kazillion miles an hour and I try and work these projects into the daily routine. 
I am a list maker

Every morning as I sit in my chair and drink my coffee, I plan my day and think about my week and what needs to be done, and all the other things in my life like the ladies Bible study, summer book club, my children, meals and gluten-free food, people i need to call and pray for, things I need to change about myself, and the list of remodeling projects that I need to work on, etc... 

   Most of the time this list keeps me on the right track. I always write down way too many things to do in one day! Sometimes the simplest thing requires way more time than I have budgeted  for it, or I have worked all day and haven't done anything on my list! So I write it down on the list so I can cross it off! I really need a list for absolutely everything I do or I don't remember. I think my brain has holes in it. 

But even a list can't help my ADD brain. 

Yesterday, I went to the grocery to get some stuff to make dessert for company. I had been gone too long doing other errands and I wasn't feeling very good. I needed food! When I got home, I grabbed my stuff in the front seat and went in the house. About an +hour later, I realized my food was still in the HOT car. My ice cream was soup! 

I called Dave and he had to go back to the store to get some more ice cream to serve for dessert, because it was already 5:00pm. I didn't think the ice cream would refreeze by serving time. Actually, it was just like soft serve ice cream and we did eat it. Now we are rich, because we have 4 gallons of ice cream in the freezer (minus what the guest ate).

This has taken my forgetfulness to a whole new level! I have NEVER forgotten my groceries, especially ice cream. I love ice cream! 

I start something, but as I walk into another room I get distracted and begin another task. Eventually they all get done, but not necessarily in a certain order. (I believe my homeschooling days caused or encouraged this behavior). Normally it doesn't really matter, but today it mattered!

So anyway, I think I have gotten off track again...... I wanted to show you some things we have been working on in the yard.
Eventually we will replace the stained T-11 with siding like this
We still don't know what color we want the shutters, but I want to build them and make them more decorative like these

Last week Dave fixed the little fence and now I will paint it white.
Dave is currently working on making a fountain in our side/backyard.
the design plan
The beginning work.....


  1. Teresa, I can totally relate to the need for lists...and the ice cream left in the car. A couple weeks ago, I was making a quesadilla on the stove and walked away for a second and in that second, forgot about it. Several minutes later, I smelled the tortilla burning. Now that is bad. I use to worry about my kids using the stove. I think I need to worry about myself, LOL! I really love you chair corner! I've always thought you have great style. And the yard looks really good!!! I know it's a process. We'd like a new fence but it's probably not in the budget this year. The transformation of your house has been fun to watch!

  2. Have you ever heard of a passalong entitled: Age Related Attention Deficit Disorder? It's a stitch,and I'm a list-maker too. Sometimes, I even use the timer to add structure to days that don't have as much as it needed.
    Martha H.