Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chalk paint

I have this bamboo picture that I really love, but just doesn't fit in my decorating scheme anymore. I kept putting it in a pile to get rid of and then I would snatch it back and hide it behind the couch.

Next problem...a blank wall in the dining area that needs something, but needs to be free, because we keep spending our extra money on food, Luke, fixing motorcycles etc.. I am sure you have this same problem, right?

I decided to get some paint and make a chalkboard. At Lowes the chalkboard paint comes in a quart can and costs @$14, but at Home Depot I found a spray can for $5.00. Ok, so this is not totally free, but I didn't think I could get anything else for my wall for this price, so I splurged!
I think I should have sprayed a few more coats, but it is too late now. 

I believe you can chalk paint so many things!
How about labels?
These were all I had, but a different size and shape could make the jars look so cute.

Looking at the picture with my dining table makes me want to paint my chairs black, but my husband is not a big fan of painted furniture. I think my table just needs a centerpiece that pops. 
I would love some suggestions, so send me your ideas! I have so many areas in my house that need fixing and fluffing and primping, that I am just overwhelmed sometimes. Fresh ideas from you should do the trick!