Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene

For many of us on the East Coast beach areas, last week was spent preparing for a rather large hurricane to hit. Food, water, batteries, lanterns and such were bought to make life bearable in the aftermath of this storm. I am very thankful that the hurricane fell apart. That is not to say that damage was not done. It left a mess behind, but it could, and would have been so much greater if the winds had been at hurricane speed in our area. Other areas were not spared. 

It doesn't matter how small the storm seemed if you happen to be the one person who was not spared, that one person whose home was flooded, or whose roof was damaged by a tree, or whose loved one was lost. We are very sorry for those people, and I in no way mean to make light of a serious situation, but I am very grateful that we were spared and I give all the credit to the Lord for his mercy. 

We, of course, lost power right away. Our neighborhood is full of trees and we don't have underground power lines. I believe that it should be mandatory for all trees to be cut down near the power lines. The trees hide the ugliness of the wires, but they cause more problems. Actually, I don't know why we have the old power lines hanging in the air anyway. Our neighborhood should get them put underground. 

Late Saturday morning, Josh, Sarah, Micah, Jed and Lauren came over to ride out the storm with us. They decided to stay with us, because of the large trees directly over their houses. Our power came and went, until just before noon when it went for the duration.  Josh and Sarah's house never lost power!  It was a hardship on them having to bring all the baby stuff over and doing without electricity when they didn't have to, but I am so grateful that we had this time with the kids. It really wasn't bad at all, because Bill, our neighbor, brought us a line from his generator! Bless his heart! We powered up the refrigerator, a lamp and a fan. 

We spent the day talking, eating and playing games. 
One of the extra special moments happened Sunday morning. In spite of the darkness, we managed to stay up quite late, including Micah. Children never seem to want to sleep as along as adults, so Micah was one of the first to awaken (besides myself--I'm awake at all crazy hours!) I got him out of bed, so Josh and Sarah could sleep a little longer. Micah and Mamma had our own special little coffee hour.  

We prayed that you would fair the storm well. So what did your family do during the storm?


  1. since we didn't lose power, we made brownies (for our ice cream dessert!) and cake-batter cookies. We were praying the Lord would keep our trees up and strong. We watched the storm on tv. We napped. We had a really nice family weekend. Knowing it could have been a disaster with a tree on our home, we are very thankful

  2. We didn't lose power until around 8:30 that night (it was back in a little less than 48 hours). My husband never worries about a storm, so he did a lot of napping.
    I, on the other hand, AM a worrier, so I worried and paced. Neither of which did any good. But we had some minor water damage in our house - but didn't lose any trees.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful family gathering during the storm!