Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Kitchen Cabinets

Our house is not complete.

I know some people say, "that's what we all say, it is never done," etc... But our house REALLY isn't done, nor has it ever been completed since our renovation. For example, we have no baseboards,no  register covers, no bathroom flooring, no kitchen back splash, and so on the list goes....

But we have come a long way! For the most part, I don't even see these things until we have company, then I am concerned that our house might not seem clean or comfortable for our guests.

There are a few things that bother me. I love a 'put-together, magazine-cover' kind of house, but that isn't what bothers me about our house not being finished. It is that I don't have a true space for our things. I can spend a lot of energy trying to figure out the best way to make things work and where 'this and that' should be put away. I can be very disorganized if I am not organized! It needs to be a mindless kind of organization. A perfect fit so the task gets done and my mind moves on the more important things in life. Maybe even some creative juices will begin to flow!

I have this problem of not being creative if my house is not organized and clean. So for the last 2 years it has been a challenge for me to remain focused. My friend Sharla is so creative no matter what is going on around her. She becomes totally focused on the thing before her. It is wonderful! I have not been able to be that way.

I recently sold my hutch (bakers cabinet). I took that money, and I was finally able to buy cabinets to finish our kitchen. I am so excited, because I now have a pantry! This morning, as I was having my devotions, I had to stop and look at them, and thank the Lord for being able to buy them. I like them so much. It helps my house look so much better without all the jar and stuff being visible, and I feel so much more organized. A load has been taken from my cluttered mind.

Here is the before.....

And the new cabinets! (over on the right side, by the table)

I didn't say "after" because it isn't done yet. I just bought the counter top today, so by this Saturday I am sure Dave will have it done. He doesn't let grass grow around his feet! I can hardly keep up with that man!! Someday I would like to put trim around the top, but that really isn't a priority right now.

Dave also finished his fountain.
He loves to sit on his swing outside by his fountain. It really is relaxing. 

Hope you all will be able to take sometime this weekend and unwind! It really is a spiritual necessity. 


  1. I've always felt welcome and comfortable in your home! :) the cabinets looks lovely.

  2. Awesome! In an interior design class I took in university, I remember the prof saying that putting a classy home together takes years and you should not fret at the process. Seems these decisions take time ( and money!) but in the end they add up to a place that really says "home" to us! You and Dave are the heart of that home and it really is a welcoming place to all who enter! great job!