Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy 20th Birthday Lukester!

Today my baby turns 20 years old! 
(Sorry about the baby part, Luke, but this is the cross you will have to bear in life being the youngest!) 

What a difference a day can make. As of today, we no longer have teenagers in our house. All my children have crossed that great divide into adulthood!
Happy Birthday Lukester!

I am so blessed and so very happy! So, "Why," you ask, "are there tears in your eyes?"
You know me, I just can't contain myself. The love I have for you just wells up and spills over.

I am so proud of you! And so blessed and privileged to have you in my life! You have become such a fine young man. I love the true kindness and gentleness you have for others. I love when you serenade me with your guitar. Your laugh and smile bring true joy in my life. I believe we are kindred spirits.

What great memories of you and your Legos, karate, baseball, guitars, skateboards, trampoline tricks, costumes, earliest video productions with Jeremy, prayers for a dog ("with a good personality").....
Happy birthday my son!
I hope you never underestimate how special you are to me.

 I love you with all my heart,

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  1. What a proud parenting moment! Such a big milestone and I know it takes a firm foundation of love and devotion on your part to nurture them into being wonderful adults! Happy Birthday to your son!