Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Remodeling Updates

Autumn is the perfect time for being outside! The cooler weather inspires me to get done the last minute projects before the winter blast has us cozied up inside.
I painted The Cottage (Jed & Lauren's place)
Before and After

and added a homemade sign...

I painted The Big House shutters and door...
Before-old worn out red paint and After- charcoal paint
I always wanted a black door and I am going to put a white wreath on it.

Dave finished the back splash in our kitchen. I decided to settle on free and done verses not done. It was free, because we just used the leftover tile we already had for the countertop. We had dreams of grandeur but you know how grandeur goes.... it costs $$$. I am very happy with the way it looks!

We bought a TV. This was a monumental day in the Rieke house. The last TV was a 19", and we bought it 14 years ago! My oldest son was in 7th grade. He now is married and he has a baby! Sony products are made to last. Yes, we bought another Sony! Yes, it is bigger than 19"! We still need to hang it on the wall, but that requires more money, so right now I love it sitting on the table. Next plans are to sell the antique library table and buy something that has better storage.
Before and After

I am currently working on painting the stair railings and staining the banister, moving all photos to a better home, and organizing the office stuff, sewing stuff, craft stuff and toys.....
It is just a lot of stuff! But, I finally feel like the mountain is moving! The holidays are fast approaching so I have to finish up this week!! yikes! 
                         Or... more than likely, 
              get done what I can, and put the rest back in the closet until the holidays are over!


  1. I love the way the cottage looks! Everything looks great!!!

  2. Looks great! Just think, if it was all done you would have nothing to do...:)

  3. Love the shutters and door. And the cottage is adorable! Good work guys;)

  4. beautiful! well, since your list is so short - feel free to come help me organize in your free time. :) hehe