Monday, February 20, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Josh and Melody Simmons

May God Go With You......      
Last week at church, we had our annual AHBC Missions Conference. During the Sunday school panel discussion with our missionaries, my water works turned on and I couldn't make it stop. I was experiencing the enormity of the sacrifice Josh and Mel were making for the Lord. But it wasn't just two people making a sacrifice, but an entire family. Josh is an only child. His parents were offering up their child and their only grandchildren to the Lord's work. Ray and Eunice and Melody's siblings all have a part in this endeavor too. Wow! And so, I just sat there and cried the whole service. I looked a mess. But I didn't care, I felt so blessed to know these people. We saw Josh grow up in the Lord, right in our own church. What a privilege!
     Our dear friends, Josh and Melody Simmons, are finally on their way to their assigned mission field. It has been many years of studying, schooling, moving, raising support, praying,  letting go of possessions, and now it was time to say, "good-bye."

 A few of us were able to meet at the airport today to say our final farewell to our friends. 

I guess at the time I felt a little silly was needed?
This video is precious! Right before little Sarah has to walk down the long hall toward the security check-in, she opens her arms wide and calls for one last hug from her Nanna. 

...May God be with you till we meet again....


  1. What a sweet thing for you to post, Teresa! A time capsule sort of thing....You are toooo sweet!

  2. so sweet! I'm so excited for them, but so sad to see them go at the same time...

  3. oh gosh ... the TEARS are a-flowin!! so precious ... we will be praying for them. <3

  4. I can only imagine what you all are going through. I found myself tearing up in the service too, and I hardly know them! Mel was so sweet to me and welcoming at Avalon, and our Moriah, who left church with many tears on Sunday, will miss their Sarah. Such a sweet family.

  5. Thank you Teresa for posting the pictures and video. Tim and I have both been sick and hated missing the potluck and send off. It was nice to see the pictures and video.
    Kat J

  6. Hi Teresa! What a lovely post! My God bless and keep them!!

    Thank you for stopping by and saying hi over at my place!! (I'm Elsa's mom). Please visit anytime. I love prayer requests too. :)