Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's Greek to Me and Dancing

Some people marry into money, we married into a Greek family. Well, sort of. Our son Josh married Sarah who is 1/2 Greek. Soula is from Greece. She lived there until she was 12 years old. You would never know when you speak to her, because she has no accent! 

We love hearing all her stories about living in a small Greek village, eating garlic and oranges, squishing grapes into wine with her feet, and gardening. She remembers a tour bus driving by and people stopping and taking pictures of her- small cute little Greek girl! 

We are very happy to live near our kids and the Martins. We love being "outlaws" together, I mean in-laws! By the way, I despise mother-in-law jokes! I am trying really hard to not be that person!! (another subject for another day)

The Martins invited us to the annual Greek Festival in Norfolk (at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral).    We had never been there, so we were excited to share the experience with Soula. 
We had a fun evening eating...

Loukoumades are little bites of manna! Or our American version of a donut. They are light and airy and I ate a bite. I haven't eaten gluten yeast bread in 5 years! Bread and honey. Delicious! I had a baklava icecream sundae! I do not even want to think of how many calories and fat grams were in it! I now have a new fav ice cream dessert! 

We ate souvalaki  (meat on a stick) and gyros
Micah loved the meat. Notice how festive he is donning his Greek bib. 
It says I heart Ya-ya (grandma in Greek.)
We saw and learned about all the different costumes from the different regions. 
Soula still has her red hat from her girlhood days. 

We had a wonderful time!

Where there are Greeks having a party, there will be music, and where there is Greek music there will be dancing! Soula had pre-warned me that she was going to get me on stage to dance with everyone. We even had a practice/dance lesson at the Flood's house. It didn't work. I can do it. I just don't have the Greek rhythm! Really, there are two different beats going on and I am just terrible at it!

But she got me up there anyway. Soula, you have to know I love you, because I wouldn't have done it for anyone else!! I don't know why I am showing this video, other than, just to let you see the festive atmosphere. We really had a lovely evening. 


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  1. Soula really knows what she's doing! What a great experience to have someone who is truely Greek be your guide to an outing like that. I had never been until last year. The food is really yummy!