Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to Paint Furniture using Turquoise Paint

I don't even remember where I got the little desk, but I always intended to fix it up. At least the brass hardware needed a makeover! I have had it for years now, and I never did one thing to it! In our process of remodeling, repurposing and truly finding a home for everything, this little desk found its way out the door! No one wanted it, and so it sat on our porch waiting to be taken to Union Mission thrift store, and waited....

One day I was in a creative mood.  I love the pop of colors of furniture and doors that I see on Pinterest, but I haven't wanted to make such a bold commitment. Since I was getting rid of it anyway, I decided I couldn't go wrong!  I needed to practice and experiment.

My inspiration... turquoise....
First I spray painted the hardware Oil Rubbed Bronze.

No need to sand, just use Zinnser Cover Stain primer. Cover Stain can be used for interior or exterior and it covers over oil or latex surfaces. Then it is ready for either oil or latex paint. This is what I should have used on my repurposed TV stand project. 

It was hard to pick exactly what color, since turquoise has a wide range. Do I want  blue-blue or blue green?
I picked Valspar Island Blue (not on this chart) in Exterior satin finish. 

After priming and painting, it still needed a little something. I decided to add some stain to the piece. Using a glaze or stain over paint not only tones down the color but gets in the grooves and helps the eye see the design. It gives the piece depth and character. 
bursh on..
wipe off...
It has found a home on The Cottage's porch.

Now we just have to find a cute something to hang on the wall above it. But that is another DIY for another day!


  1. this is SO stinking adorable!! I love it!

  2. I think a wreath would be nice ;)
    -also I MAY have hi-jacked Jed's account

  3. thanks! it was a lot of fun!
    wow! Jed you changed your mind! haha ;)

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