Monday, January 14, 2013


I am so happy that we are installing baseboard! It has only been 31/2 years! Luke had just graduated from high school when we moved here and he will be graduating from college this May!

Well, not me, but John McDowell and Dave are the ones installing it! 

I am dusting, sweeping, moving furniture back, and I went to Lowes and Home Depot. 
It is a disaster over here!

Dave loves John's nail gun. It is called Paslode. It is cordless and shoots like a gun. It really has been a life saver for Dave! Thank Papa John for letting us use your tool, and helping us and mostly for just loving us so much!! We love you back double!!
 Poor Daisy is scared to death of the nail gun. She was shaking and trying to climb up my leg. She had to go visit at Jed and Lauren's house today. Thanks Jed and Lauren for babysitting Daisy Doodle!
The gun is really loud though! Actually, I have to plug my ears when I am in the same room!  Small price to pay to be working on finishing the building part of our house. 
It just seems cleaner!
I love our steps! Instead of the unfinished broken crumbly cement steps!
Also, Last week Dave hung a ceiling fan in our bedroom. 
It was a big ordeal, because it was actually impossible to hang with their directions for use with a remote. Anyway, he bypassed using the remote and just went with our switches. I am not thrilled with the amount of light it puts out, but we have lamps and it is way too much trouble to take it down and get something else. I am afraid that would be crossing the line into Are you kidding me land with my husband. I will just buy some new lamps instead!

I would love to give you a tour sometime, but right now everything is such a mess. I have found that beginning this project just makes me see all the projects that haven't been done. This isn't just a one day job anyway. There is more cutting and painting and staining for weeks to come.

So, we will just take one step at a time.


  1. Looks great!!! Happy Monday!

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  3. Looks great!!! I know you are glad to get it done.

  4. Beautiful work Teresa! You have been so busy and all that hard work is paying off- love the glimpses you've given us. It feels so good to finish a project and to be able to just enjoy the accomplishment of it :) Hugs sweet friend!