Friday, December 17, 2010


Pretty is not a word that we use at our house in the morning. It can be kind of shocking really. My husband has this limerick he thinks is so funny!

                                  By beauty I am not a star,
                         There are others more handsome by far.
                         But my face I don't mind it,
                         Because I am behind it.
                         It is others who get the jar!

There is an added element as the weather gets colder. It happens to be my workout attire. I just don't care what I look like in order to be warm. I suppose if I thought about it or took the time to plan I could look better, but every morning I scrounge around and pile it on. My very old, too short, paint splotched sweat pants, the 1970's purple down jacket of my mom's,  some of dave's old leather gloves, the hair, the ear muffs,the many layers under the jackets... You get the idea. Actually, I look much better in the picture. So I was very surprised yesterday when a neighbor boy recognized me and waved. I was hoping I looked nothing like my real self. I thought I looked more like a homeless version of myself. 

I took comfort though, because my neighbor's dog was afraid of me. 


  1. I love Dave's limerick!
    It really stinks to have to don the thick cumbersome binding clothes of winter,
    can't say I blame the dog, all those clothes scare me too!
    Thanks for the smile!

  2. everything about this made me grin! :) and the limerick is genius.