Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Almost Recipe Disaster

Today I was to provide food for a pastor's luncheon at our church. Dave told me on short notice, but I had it all under control. I even had it all timed precisely, so the cornbread and brownies would still be warm when I served them! 

I should have known something was wrong when I breathed in the steam from the cooking hamburger. It made me cough, but I was in a hurry so I ignored it.  I had a very precise schedule to keep and not much fluff left over.

After it was all made, I tasted it... 
Then I had Dave taste it...
 He informed me that we could NOT serve this VERY SPICY chili.

It wasn't like it burned your tongue, but it was the way-in-the-back-of-your-throat, coughing, watery eyes kind of HOT. 

It seems that the season packet I put in from Trader Joe's has a lot of cayenne pepper in it. Naturally, I had never tried it before today. 

A sudden burst of 'Oh-no-I don't-have-anything-else' kind of panic swept over me, which engaged my little gray cells and ....
Time to give the chili a bath!

I washed and rinsed it over and over, in order to get rid of the hot spice, which was embedded in the meat. I was so happy I had more chili-liquid stuff to add to it. I was so prepared with all my staples in my walk-in pantry (little joke, but true this time).

I got it all done at 11:45am. Just in time to get it to church! Whew!

On the way to church the jelly spilled all over in my basket, and I got it in my hair. I forgot most of the drinks but found diet peach tea Snapple instead ( I know why it was left at church, eewww!) I also discovered that I had jelly on my hands, when I shook hands with one of the men. I didn't say anything. Maybe he would think he did it. 

Anyway, Mission accomplished!

Next mission - to clean up the huge mess I made in my kitchen. 
(you can't see the floor and sink mess)

So what is your 'Almost had a disaster' moment?


  1. You're funny! Love the washing thing, I would have done that too!
    If washing the blob of noodles that fell out of the pan while I was draining them counts, everybody's done that right?...right?!
    Or washing baked beans with too much sugar? Yeah, the kitchen is not my favorite room in the house!

  2. So funny! I am so sorry. I made a shredded beef one time with chipotle peppers. We had company over. It was so hot I had to make rice to go with it just so we could get it down without dying. They were good sports!

  3. one of the days i was cooking for Wed night meal. Rod called and said surprise. You don't have 130 you have 156! Great. i turned around and promptly knocked over a large open bottle of vegetable oil. It fell off the island, and landed in a box, with the opening tightly pressed against the side of the box. Not one drop of slimy, greasy vegetable oil leaked, splattered or poured out to the bottle. If all 48 or 120 or whatever ounces had landed on my kitchen floor in the middle of the insanity of prepping that Wed. night meal, I think I really...truly would have sat in the floor and cried. Thank you Lord. You know when we really are at the edge.