Saturday, April 23, 2011

True Summer

One of my very favorite foods is ice cream! And nothing says summer like making ice cream. One of my dad's favorite flavors was pineapple. Now that isn't one you are going to find in the market! The old fashioned ice cream makers required so much effort, but the new models are sleek and so easy! No ice, no salt, just pop the center bowl in the freezer and pull it out when ready. It is so easy that we could make ice cream every day! And I just might do that.

After my "goaty" milk and kefir episode, I had decided to try making goat milk ice cream instead.  My dear friend Darla(  read my blog, and by the next morning she brought me her ice cream maker so i could try it out. Thanks Darla!! Even in the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Sunday and company, Saturday night I just had to make ice cream-
Chocolate ice cream!

Begin with fresh goat's milk
Cook and then cool in frig
about 15 minutes later it is done!
chocolate goat's milk ice cream
it is like summer in a bowl
Notice that even Dave is eating GOAT MILK ice cream!!!  It is delicious!

("I can't believe I am eating this")

Dave said it tasted so good his tongue 
almost broke his teeth out trying to get to it!


  1. haha, dad's picture is hilarious...sign me up for a bowl!

  2. Since I know where you get your milk from I am sure it came out great because their goat milk taste like regular milk to me. It is good to have fresh ingredients when making things like this.

  3. So glad it worked! You can borrow the ice cream maker anytime and make a few batches to keep in the freezer for all those "summery days", when you just have to have it! You're welcome to it anytime!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi! That ice cream looks so yummy. Can't wait to come back to visit your part of the world wide web. :)