Monday, August 8, 2011

Taming the Clutter Bug

(notice how very dead this bug is in my laundry room,
because he dared to enter my house!)

I hate bugs! 
Especially if they are in my house, or even worse- crawling on me!

The other day I was outside at Amy's house and a large something was crawling on my hip. It was getting dark outside and I couldn't see what kind of bug was crawling on me. Once something is on me, I don't wait to ask questions. I thought it was a large spider, and I began hopping around and tried to wipe it on Amy! I didn't want to touch it, and a little hip action was in order to get it off of me. I didn't think Amy would mind. We got a good laugh out of it. It was only a dragon fly. (sigh of relief) They are cute at least (but not on me!)

I also hate the clutter bug

If it was a real bug, you'd think I was raising a zoo in my house the way the clutter was piling up! I just haven't figured out where to put our stuff that we use, let alone the extra stuff floating around. I am not a minimalist, so I must be organized if I want to keep most of what I've hid away, but I AM picky and complicated. 

I am making progress though. First in order was getting the cabinets for the kitchen. It helped me create zones in my house that work for me. By 'zones" I mean what a space is used for. I have an office in the guestroom and a computer upstairs and mail, etc. in the kitchen area. It seemed too spread out, but I have now designated what I want to do in each place. (No more mail in the kitchen!)

But I need something more to keep me in order and to leave me with a feeling of accomplishment. I used to have a detailed list of my chores and a more concrete plan of attack than I have of late. Never fear, Fly Lady is here!

My daughter-in-law reminded me of her website. I knew about Fly Lady way back when! (When the internet was not so integrated in our lives, and I went to the library to find out most info instead of to Google) 

I have begun organizing my zones and taking all the "baby steps" and making a detailed grocery list. It feels good! So if you are overwhelmed or underwhelmed, and  feel the need to control and conquer, you need to apply some of her techniques. It isn't like I don't know how to do this stuff. I am 49 years old and I have run a household now for 29 years, but I needed a little reminder and inspiration.  

Fly Lady

For clarification: The FlyLady and Leanne Ely teach people how to use their system by organizing and simplifying everyday life. I do not follow her exact rules, but adapt her principles to my lifestyle. For example, I do not wear shoes in my house to clean, and I can not shine my black resin sink.  I do not endorse her philosophy, such as her self love principle. I only use her organizing principles to help me streamline my house duties as a keeper of the home. 

p.s. Home Defense bug spray is inexpensive, but it works pretty well. We have a large crack in the laundry room door, so I need a reliable bug spray to keep all the bugs out of my house, and as you can see, it works! (Maybe not so good with killing sugar ants, but it has greatly diminished the population.)