Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Jed!

Happy birthday to one of the JOYS of my life!

Dearest Jed,
    You have always been such a happy and giving person. Even as a toddler you would find delight in the world and people around you. Early every morning you awoke with a big smile and were ready to talk! 

I have always been able to count on you to help me with a willing spirit. I want you to know how much this has meant to me. I LOVE that you love talking with me. 

I am so blessed to have watched you grow up into such a handsome young man both inside and out. On this day of celebration I ask God's special blessing on your life.

I think you are WONDERFUL, and I LOVE being your mom!

Happy Birthday! 


  1. I would have to agree, besides all the gushy stuff. Ok...even the gushy stuff. Lol. Happy Birthday to the friend that has always been there. Jed, you are the greatest.

    p.s. - whoever took that picture with jed on his head must be quite an amazing photographer. haha.

  2. quite an amazing photographer, Jeremy Tyler-Rieke!
    love, Mom Rieke

  3. I love that last picture!!! SOOO adorable! :)

  4. Yeah the picture with Jed on his head is fantastic...("Jed on his Head" sounds like a Dr. Seuss book)

    Love you brotastic

  5. Hi, Teresa,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I'm in Smithfield!

    I love this post! My son (who's 31) and I have always had a special relationship, and it's meant so much to me that he feels comfortable talking to me. Hope Jed had a wonderful birthday!
    Going to check out some of your previous posts!

  6. Hi Teresa! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. Looks like you and yours son have an awesome relationship :) Hope he had a wonderful day!