Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just a little prayer

This is from my daughter-in-law's blog. 

It was so sweet that I just had to pass it on....

"My son Micah is very familiar with praying.  He hears daddy pray before dinner and mommy pray with him before naps and bedtime.  He even has his own amen word, which he pronounces, "ah-jah!" 

A couple of nights ago I was rocking him before bed.  I snuggled him for a while, sniffing his whispy, white-blonde hair scented with johnson and johnson's shampoo and pressing my mommy cheek against his soft pillowy one.  During these times, I always pray to myself.  Mostly prayers of tearful thanksgiving for an undeserved gift and pleas for divine wisdom, patience, and love as I try my best to raise the tender little soul God has entrusted to me.  Sweet moments that I will treasure forever.

When it was time to actually lay him down, I whispered a prayer with him like I always do.  I usually pray for sweet peaceful sleep, thankfulness for a good day, requests for a good day tomorrow, and add a little something about sleeping through the night (that one is mostly for me!).  

This particular night I was covering him with a warm fuzzy blue fleece blanket when I heard him whispering some baby babble.  I didn't really know what was going on until I heard the familiar, "ah-jah."  My heart totally skipped a beat and I could not help but smile.  My one-year old baby boy just said his first prayer!  

That experience was important for a couple of reasons.  First of all, how adorable was that?  Micah has no idea at this point why we pray, he just copied what he has heard mom and dad do so many times before.  It was just so cute to see his little brain working in that way.

The second reason that was important is that it solidified in my mind the immense importance of parental spiritual guidance.  The ultimate goal of Josh and I as parents is to raise our children to fear God and live for Him.  We need to be good examples of how a Christian should live and behave so that our children will be motivated to do the same.  Our job as parents is to be the earthly personification of God's perfect love for His children.  While we most certainly will fall short at times, God will give us what we need if we only ask.  

Micah's little prayer was so special to me and I felt like the Lord gave me a little encouragement to keep going on the path we've started.  I will hopefully always remember how I felt in that moment and how it  touched my heart.  

And you know what?  I think it touched the Father's heart as well."

Posted by Sarah Rieke
My grandson, Micah

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