Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Adding Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

We finally added hardware to our kitchen cabinets! 
It was sort of a whim.  I went on a date with my hubby to MacArthur Mall.  (My husband hates shopping!) Normally, we just walk around and enjoy the holiday decor. Yes, that is right, he probably only goes shopping at Christmas time! Well, this year we missed Christmas, so February was as good a time as any. 

There are only a few stores I can get him to go into, and Restoration Hardware is one of them! Or should I say, "was one of them." They were closing their store in MacArthur Mall for good! Bins filled with shiny new  knobs and pulls at 70% off! We bought what pulls they had and ordered 2 more online. Still a terrific deal! It was neat, because we were actually the very last people in the store, ever! We shook their hands good-bye and bid them farewell. There were mall maintenance people waiting outside the doors to board it up as we left! 

We also had a gift card to Lowes from a Christmas present, and we bought the rest that we needed at Lowes (with a little more of our own money). Sort of a whim, but something we planned on when the money was right! 

One other thing we bought was a template pattern for installing the knobs. You can buy them  separate or in a set. One is for the corner and the other hangs from the top of the drawer. It makes them come out perfectly!

A big thanks to My handyman! 

I am showing you this last picture, so you can see my rooster vase. 
Well, I love my rooster vase! 
Actually, 'loved' is the proper term! boohoo! I was rearranging and I carried it up the stairs and somehow I dropped it! I tried so hard to catch it and almost fell down the stairs myself, but down the stairs it went anyway. The crazy thing is that it broke one of the stairs! Double boohoo! To replace the stair tread cost $27, not to mention the amount of work to fix it and hopefully we won't break the riser in the process. The toe-kick-thing cost another $16 if it needs to be replaced. 
So beware of the stair at the Rieke's! There isn't enough room on the tread to put your foot on. 

Thanks to our friends Angie and Jeff who gave us a gift card to Lowe’s for Christmas!!
And thanks to Heidi for the lovely linen towel from Sweden. 


  1. oh no! Sorry about your vase AND stairs. What a bummer! That must've been some heavy glass!

  2. That hardware looks sharp! It's fun putting on the bling at the end of a project, isn't it? Maybe you'll find another rooster at Garden Ridge. They have a big variety of accessories!Thanks for sharing!