Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Lukester!

It is my youngest son's 21st birthday. Wow! Am I really that old? Is he really that old? 

My guys

Dave wrote Luke a happy birthday greeting from us both: 
Um...Mom and I feel a little traumatized that we're not with you today for your landmark birthday.

Some Things Mom and I Hope You'll Remember About Your Life Today:
1. As your parents, we would have been your greatest fans in life no matter what! But beyond that, your life has become extraordinarily meaningful to so many of us because you are a friend to everyone, even those whose flaws are most visible. Since the "peacemakers" are promised special blessings in life, we think you really are in a very good place as a young man.

2. The Lord has kindly gifted you with a lot of  what might be called "soft" talents--maybe not the kind of "bells and whistles" that are obvious from the cradle, but the kind that come out whenever you have to (or just want to) make something work. If you follow Jesus in the years to come, we honestly believe those talents will not only be used of God to provide you a living, but also to directly impact His great kingdom.

3. It so happens that you are becoming an "official" adult in the middle of the worst economy in history since 1940. We hope you won't be discouraged or defeated by all of this. The old saying is, "Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst." If you work like your financial breaks are all up to you, and pray like your financial breaks are all up to God, then you'll be able to look at yourself in the mirror every morning knowing that God's plan for your life is in motion. And, of course, family takes care of family. Mom and I are here for you.

Over the past 21 years God has made you handsome, intelligent, artistic, athletic and, especially, compassionate and kind. God gave us the privilege of having you for a son, and we love you more than you know.
Happy birthday Small Fry!
Love, Mom & Dad

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