Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Camisoles for Modesty!

When I find something that is just right, I want to share it with everyone. I want to share the wealth of information! It takes a lot of time and sometimes research to get just the right thing that works. Simplicity isn't always about what is cheapest. Simplicity can be about fewer things, or what takes less time and energy. I know for myself sometimes after trying to get ready to go somewhere, I will look on the bed and there is a pile of clothes that just didn't work out, and a frustrated me! Don't you just love it when you have that go-to-dress that is comfortable and flattering, or a pair great shoes that don't hurt your feet, but still look stylish?

In the fall of 2011,  in a quest for modesty and less lumpiness while wearing low-cut dresses, I found Molly's Clothing line. I fell in love with the Mini Camisoles. They are perfect under not so modest, but cute dresses. I get over heated very easily, so adding a tank top under my dresses was not working very well. Mostly, I hated how the camisole or tank would creep up and create a bunch at the waist. Molly's Clothing Minis are perfect for both issues! It is a crop top camisole! No need to have all that extra material around the waist, bunching up and making me too warm!
Molly's Clothing-  From the Mini Collection
 Also, Molly's Clothing line is finally offering 100% cotton minis. I only have the polyester, which can be hot, but still better than a regular camisole. I intend on purchasing the cotton ones before summer.

And this year, 2013, during the winter, I was in the market for some new camisoles. I found some beautiful ones at Costco! Felina camisoles are long enough, not too thick, and they are cut straight across, which keeps it modest. For an extra bonus, across the top has added lace and it is oh so pretty!
Felina from Costco, 2 in a pack for around $19.00

They also come in a variety of colors. I wish I could buy all my girl friends at least one. My Sarah just bought some today from Costco and she said she loves them and wishes she had 40 of them! I am sure that is an exaggeration, but when you find something that is just right, it is time to buy a few before they are gone.