Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Who Says It Has To Be So Itsy Bitsy?

Finally, it is SUMMER!! 
Now that it isn't cold, we get to complain about how hot it is. Or here in Virginia Beach, we say, "wow, it is so humid today!" I am originally from Scottsdale, Arizona. People who haven't been to the Phoenix area will often say about the desert summers, "But it doesn't feel that hot, because it isn't humid, right?" I guess that is true to a point, but when it gets over 100 degrees, hot is just HOT. It feels like you are in an oven. Really! One of the biggest differences between the two climates is the amount of sweat. In Phoenix, the sweat evaporates rather quickly, here in Virginia, it practically runs down my leg.

My husband LOVES summer. 

He says it isn't summer unless there is a little sweat on your brow. His body loves the heat, Mine- not so much! Especially, after having my thyroid removed. The thyroid meds keep my body in a hyper thyroid state, which makes me feel like I am burning up most of the time. In the winter, I was comfortable in no sleeves, and I kept the house at 64 degrees. When I went anywhere else, I was usually hot.  I had to stock up on cotton sweaters, because winter clothing was way to warm to be wearing indoors! I still have a box under my bed with some beautiful sweaters that I use to wear. I just keep hoping that my body will return to normal. I think they will be out of date before that happens.

I have a collection of hand held fans. 
You know the old fashion kind?  A few of my friends gave them to me, because I always had a piece of paper in my hand to fan myself. I had to! My sweaty self is just not that attractive! The fans are a better looking way of keeping cool.

That brings me to my main point for today. 
As the weather gets warmer, we wear less clothes. Often, it gets difficult to remain modest. Going to the beach is even more difficult, especially for the younger girls. No one wants to be dumpy or frumpy. But now days, maybe it isn't so hard to find cute things to wear that aren't ugly or dowdy but not so itsy bitsy.

 This video is floating around facebook land. I think it is very imformative about this piece of clothing we call a bathing suit. Jessica Rey has some very interesting facts that might be interesting to you. I am not doing this to endorsing her product line, but  her talk is well thought out, researched and a well presented.  Watch it and tell me what you think.  Really, I am interested in your repsonse. I realize that you might disagree.

Who says it has to be itsy bitsy?


  1. I loved this video! To me, the most interesting and shocking thing was the research done on men's brains when showed images of women in bikinis. That the part that registers compassion and such could be completely turned off made my blood run cold. So sobering. I love her product line. Lime Riki also offers similar styles and I have two of their bathing suits.

  2. This is great. Modesty doesn't have to mean frumpy, such a great point. I think young women often justify immodesty by saying exactly what one girl said in the video - well then what am I supposed to wear!? There is definitely middle ground if you look for it and put forth the effort.

  3. the study from Princeton was enlightening. This information can't be shared enough.Her comment about moms buying sexy clothing for very young girls important as well.6,7,8,9,10year olds dressing like teenagers is wide spread today and it can't be healthy.Should little girls look like little girls,or sexy high school or college students??

  4. I REALLY liked her point of "kids would not be wearing them if parents didn't buy them" - how true, and a sad indication of our society. Brian watched the video with me, and made a comment that he heard somewhere that serial killers/psychopaths get that "loss of empathy" brain thing from watching porn, and then obviously there is escalation - it shuts down that part of the brain to an extend that it never comes back I suppose. I hadn't heard that statistic before (although, not claiming it as a scientific statistic, as he read it somewhere - who knows where), but still, why would we willingly want to do that do a man, all for the sake of ?? showing off maybe?.

    I love her comment about revealing our dignity. I am from a conservative background - where most if not all of the clothing I wear today would be considered immodest. I think when such "frumpy" ideals are pushed upon us, perhaps there is the thought that we should "push back" and not listen - wear what we want. But that completely takes the Lord, and personal conviction out of the equation, and leaves us with people making and breaking rules. When you have a personal relationship with the Lord, and perhaps a good father or husband to help be your sounding board - fashion can be pretty, and flattering without being too revealing. In today's world, it does take effort (and some money) to find clothes that fit well and hold nicely to a feminine look - flattering our individual shapes without going too far in one direction or the other.

    1. Perhaps I should clarify, my personal family/my parents were not the hyper-conservatives forcing the fumpy dress:-) But the school options and church/peers that we knew, were. I am very very grateful for a balanced approach with in my own family, while still conforming to the "rules" in public places for the sake of showing deference to others.

  5. I am totally sharing this video! Also, fun fact, she used to play a power ranger!